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Dream. Believe. Faith
Shining the spotlight on underprivileged youth who are positive rolemodels in our community


Creating Dreams, Self-Esteem, & Confidence

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We are dedicated to supporting and highlighting the people in our communities, who exemplify hard work, determination and Faith.  By contributing to our initiatives you help us to showcase role models, both locally and nationally. In turn, this will inspire their peers and fellow members of their communities to Dream big and maintain Faith that all things are possible.

Our priority is to provide an impact on the lives of underprivileged teens and young adults. We believe that our methods of positive reinforcement and recognition will further motivate, improve self esteem, and instill confidence amongst our youth.

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Our Current Initiatives
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Maryanna's Hearts Presents:
"Prom Queen & Prom King"
Sponsoring nominated underpriviliged young ladies and gentlemen with prom attire
Black Tie Formal Wear Tuxedo Rental Discount (Contact Us for More Information)

About Us

Maryanna's Heart is a nonprofit organization in Chicago, Illinois, founded by Nellisa & Brian Heath. We are proud members of our community and believe in doing our part as role models to support  and provide exposure to underprivileged teens and young adults. Our team understands the importance of  recognition and the value it has in motivating, building confidence, self esteem and Hope.

Our organization was inspired by our founder's mother, who has always inspired others through her work ethic, encouraging spirit and selfless acts of kindness.  With her in mind,  we work  hard to showcase and reward like minded individuals throughout our communities. We believe that honoring great people serves to motivate others to follow and believe in their dreams. Email us at any time for more information about our organization and our initiatives.

Mission Statement:
We are passionate about bringing the accomplishments of our youth to light. Through our movements, we hope to inspire individuals to work hard, dream big and maintain faith  that their dreams are possible. te abut



Thank you for your interest. For questions, comments, or submissions, please use the information listed below and our contact sheet provided. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Monday - Sunday, 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.

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Chicago, Illinois, USA